Who We Are:

Welcome to Uptown Muse, we're so glad you found us! Uptown Muse was established in 2021 by Cindy Andazola. Owning a boutique had always been a dream of mine because I just absolutely love clothes, shoes, accessories and everything in between! I strongly believe we express ourselves through our attire! 

A little background about myself; I was a teen mom, had my first born at the age of 17!!! He is now 12 years old!!! I also had another baby at the age of 19, he is now 10 years old!!! Oh my, how time has flown by! I am a self made, extremely hard working, entrepreneur. Growing up, I saw my mother tolerate many things she should have never put up with, and because of that, I promised myself, I would work relentlessly to never ever depend on a man. I founded a business in the oil and gas industry almost 10 years ago! Thanks to that business, I was able to fund Uptown Muse!  Although my oilfield job supports my family (so so thankful), my heart is fully with my boutique.

Women empowerment is extremely important to me. I wanted to create an atmosphere where women could shop confidently and help bring out the very best in them! Working where you love to shop is also highly important to me! All I want you to know, is that anything you want is achievable! You just have to want it bad enough and work hard! Even when everything is against you, you got this! 


Our Mission:

At www.uptownmuse.com, our mission is to ensure that our customers shop comfortably and with confidence. We are committed to delivering top quality pieces that match their description. We make sure our clothes are NOT see-through and fit you just right. 

Uptown Muse is more than just a business after profits. We have a passion for quality, style, and affordability. We are devoted to getting you items that we can proudly stand behind. We would never sell something that wouldn’t personally impress us. We are here for a long time and we respectfully, hope to earn your business!

When shopping our storefront, we strive for you to feel welcomed and comfortable while shopping! We won't treat you any different if you come in not "done up." Life sometimes gets hectic and we need last minute things. We don't always have time to put on makeup or do our hair. Know that in our store, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TREATED WITH RESPECT, regardless of your looks or size!!! Our founder has poured her heart and soul into this business and we are extremely thankful for every single client. Without our clients, this dream would not be possible. We look forward to serving you!


Uptown Muse Team