Accessibility Statement

We at Uptown Muse are devoted to making our site accessible to everyone. We have worked towards ensuring that our website is suitable for people with diverse requirements and limitations.

Our website is in AA-level compliance with the WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1) by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).   The WCAG 2.1 guide sites on how to ensure that they are accessible by people with different disabilities.

The site relies on an accessibility interface for people with special needs. This interface allows them to make adjustments based on their disabilities.

Furthermore, we use an AI application for optimizing our website’s accessibility. This optimization includes the following adjustments:

  •      Screen-Reader

We have adopted the Accessible Rich Internet Applications to help the visually impaired access our website easily. These users can navigate every part of our website without any inconvenience.  

Once a user relying on the screen-reader logs into our site, they can use the specialized profile to browse through it.

People using screen-readers get the announcement to turn it on once they reach our site. They can switch to screen-reader mode by pressing Alt+1 on their keyboards. The adjustments work with all common screen readers.

Furthermore, we monitor our site from the background to ensure that it is always in compliance with the relevant guidelines. Therefore, we are on our toes to make sure we make any necessary updates before our users experience any inconvenience.

Moreover, we scan all the sites images to ensure that they are useful and accurate. Our background scans also include maintaining accurate -object-recognition-based ALT tags for images without descriptions.

Our site further uses optical character technology to obtain image texts.

  •     Keyboard Navigation

Our website makes it easy for users to browse through it using keyboard keys.  We have modified our HTML to make the site navigable using the keyboard by adding JavaScript and other codes.

Users can rely on the arrow keys for operating dropdowns and browsing through checkbox and radio components. The Shift +Tab and Tab keys can be used for navigating the site. Further, they can use the Enter key to access links and click on trigger buttons. The Spacebar and Enter keys are also usable for filling out checkbox items.

Moreover, using Alt+1, users can access content-skip menus and quick navigation. Further, some of the keyboard shortcuts include letters. For instance, ‘H’ is for headings, ‘B’ is for buttons, while ‘G’ and ‘M’ represent graphics and menus, respectively.

  •   Impairment Profiles

Here are the special profiles we have for people with the following disabilities:

  •  Visual Impairment

Our site makes it safe for people with different visual problems such as Tunnel Vision, Glaucoma, Cataract and Degrading Eyesight.  These users can create visually impaired profiles.

  •  Blindness

We have a blind user profile for people who need to rely on screen readers.

  •  Epilepsy

We have worked to prevent epileptic people from getting seizures by setting up epilepsy-safe profiles. These profiles exclude risky colors and flashing animations that could affect people with epilepsy.

  • ADHD

We have an ADHD-free profile that minimizes noise and distractions for people with ADHD to help them focus on the site’s components. This profile is also appropriate for people with other neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • Cognitive Disability

People with dyslexia, CVA, and autism can access our website using the cognitive disability profile. This profile enables people with these and other cognitive disabilities to easily access the most important parts of the site.
Furthermore, we have linked our site’s search engine to Wikipedia and Wiktionary to help people with cognitive disabilities get the meaning of phrases and words that may be difficult for them. 

  •  Motor Impairment

We have a keyboard navigation profile for people with this disability. This profile enables them to rely on keyboard keys to browse through our website.

       Other Special Functions

Our site lets you enjoy a bunch of other functions. They include the following:

  •  Animations

You can choose to view animations on our site or get rid of them. This option is beneficial to people with epilepsy. The animations on our site include CSS flashing transitions, videos, and GIFs.

  •  Muting

We have included an audio muting option for users who wish to avoid auto-playing.

  •   Text Highlighting

If you’d like to highlight something important on our site, we have included that function for you.

  •  Profile Color Adjustments

Our site gives you a chance to choose the color scheme you want for your profile. You can make it dark, light, monochrome, or inverted. You also get to choose the colors you want for the background, text, and titles.

  •  Font Adjustments

This website lets you change the font size and type. You can also change the alignment, line height, and spacing.

  •  More Functions

You can other functions such as cursor size and color adjustment, virtual keyboard, and print mode.

This website supports most of the popular browsers. You can use it on Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.  We also include multiple assistive technologies to support the site’s special functions.  Our site is accessible on MAC and Windows devices.
We are working continuously to make sure our site is suitable for everyone. Therefore, we will keep updating our site to ensure that all our users can access it without struggling.

For any more information about this website, you can contact us on (email and/or phone number).